The Benefits of Having Annual Home Electrical Inspections

Annual Home Electrical Maintenance

Electrician San DiegoWhen everything goes smoothly in a home or commercial enterprise, the owner usually does not see the need to have annual electrical maintenance checks. But when electrical emergencies happen, home and business owners suddenly regret the foregone maintenance checks that could have prevented full blown electrical problems from taking place.

In reality, Annual Electrical Maintenance checks should never be shrugged off and forgotten. Such maintenance inspections can spell the difference from a charred house to a well-maintained home that guarantees the safety of its occupants.

Here are some reasons why annual electrical inspections is a must for every home or business:

  1. Fire Safety. Electrical wirings and incidents usually spark home fires. Outdated wirings and electrical systems and fixtures are usually to be blamed for these incidences. Having an annual preventive inspection can ensure that the wirings, power source, and outlets are all up to date.
  2. Safety of the occupants. Periodic Electrical inspections usually check for overloading, possibility of electrical shocks, faulty or outdated wiring, as well as fire hazards. The Physical safety of individuals occupying a home or commercial space is definitely at risk when annual inspections are not undertaken.
  3. Adherence to Government Electrical Standards. Having a new home that adheres to the local electrical code does not mean that annual electrical maintenance checks can take a back seat. The home or commercial establishment may have complies with all the local electrical safety standards, but these electrical codes are subject to change and are revised every couple of years or so, usually within a three year period. This means that in three years’ time some of the electrical fixtures in a relatively new home can be considered outdated and may even be considered unsafe and should be replaced. Having annual preventative maintenance can spare a home or business owner the hassle of having to undergo an electrical emergency due to outdated electrical fixtures.
  4. Avoiding Damage to Appliances and other Electric-Powered Equipment. Electricity may damage appliances especially when fixtures and power sources have become faulty or outdated. It will be great if the damage can be remedied by a San Diego electrical repair Company, but having a totaled appliance or electrical equipment is not a far-fetched possibility when electrical problems involving appliances takes place.

Electrical Inspection

Apart from a periodic electrical maintenance check, an electrical inspection should also be carried out before subjecting a commercial or residential property for lease. Likewise, a property should be subjected to an over-all electrical maintenance inspection before putting it on sale. Swimming pools should also be regularly checked to ensure safety. La Mesa Electrical Repair Company

Any licensed and professional Electrician Company Sacramento can take on the task of annual periodic maintenance check on all electrical fixtures in a home or commercial establishment. Usual fixtures inspected include:

  1. All Electrical outlets – These will be checked using a tester. Other areas of concern are the plug covers, as well as possible loose covers discoloration due to heat, water damage among other likely causes.
  2. The Circuit Breaker or Panel – Loose or sparking wires are definitely a red flag when it comes to inspecting the circuit breaker or panel of a property. The presence of scorch or burnt marks along wires, and fuses will also be carefully examined.
  3. Possible Overloading – The Best Electrician Huntington Beach contractor shall also make sure that there is no overloading in all the electrical installations within a home or business establishment. Overloading does not only cause fires and power outage, it can also lead to damage on appliances and equipment.

There are a host of reasons why annual maintenance checks should not be shrugged off. It may be an expense, but it is a necessary cost that has to be included in any home budget to ensure the safety of the whole household.

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