How to Hire an Electrical Contractor

Big home projects such as construction, remodeling, or home repair definitely call for the professional and expert services of an electrical contractor. Hiring one should be easier with the many resources available, but still it is important that property owners be diligent enough to do their homework of doing some research, background checks or interviews on the company one is about to hire.

How to Hire an Electrical Contractor

Here are some tips on how to hire an electrical contractor:

  1. Seek referrals. Get in touch with friends, family, and neighbors by asking of they can personally recommend a reliable and trustworthy electrical contractor. Hopefully they can refer a company they have personally hired, and most likely, they will only do so if that company has provided satisfactory services. Should you fail to get at least three recommendations from your social circle then go to your homeowner’s association as they will most likely have a list of authorized electrical contractors who can work on the property.
  2. Jot down notes. Make sure that upon getting in touch with a shortlist of electrical contractors, you already know what questions to ask, and you have already decided the extent of the home project that you have. It is important that these be noted down so that everything can be answered come interview time with the companies you shortlisted.
  3. Schedule a face-to-face interview. Make sure that a face-to-face interview be scheduled prior to actual hiring. At least one can have a feel of how it is to work with the company’s representatives, and at least get a glimpse of their professionalism and responsiveness.
  4. Ask all the questions, especially those that are about the project. How do they intend to undertake the tasks at hand? How much time do they need? And what are the payment milestones that should be met? Will they require a down payment? Ask as well about their insurance, bonds, state licenses as well as other certifications, as well as the background check that they have with regard to hiring their San Diego Electricians.
  5. Reconfirm with the local state license board if the company is indeed licensed and if they are indeed fully bonded and insured. This step will give you the peace of mind that you are not dealing with a bogus company, and that you are not about to get scammed.
  6. Ask for a written contract. Before giving the initial payment, make sure that there is a written agreement on what needs to be done, the timeline of these, plus the estimated costs and payment milestones. Moreover, make sure that the service warranties as well as other after-sales services are well indicated in the written agreement, as well as the other details the property owner may want to specify in the agreement. Read more here.

Undertaking a bit of legwork prior to hiring an electrical contractor is critical in making sure that one gets to work with professionals. Electrical fixtures after all are a very important component in any property, and it has safety repercussions.

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